If you are in Dallas, GA, or the surrounding area and are hearing odd noises coming from your air conditioner, our team at Precision Heating & Air is here to help. First, you should know that not every sound that comes from an air conditioner is a cause for alarm. There are some sounds that are perfectly normal for an AC unit to make. There are other sounds, however, that do point to an issue but not one that is necessarily an emergency. A few sounds that your AC unit could make are definitely cause for alarm and require an immediate shutdown of your system. The key is knowing the difference between what sounds are harmless, which ones signal an issue, and which ones are major problems that require swift action.

Let’s go over the different sounds that you might hear from your air conditioner and their causes.

Normal Sounds

A Whooshing Plane Noise

If you hear a sound that is similar to a plane taking off when you start up your AC, this is simply a typical sound that goes with your air conditioner kicking in.

Repetitive Whooshing

If you regularly hear whooshing noises, this is also not typically a problem. The air moving through your system is audible, so it is not unusual for you to hear a gentle whooshing noise when your air conditioner is operating normally. It may even be a bit louder when you are close to the vents.

Soft Clicking

It is also normal for you to hear some soft clicks whenever your home reaches the temperature that your thermostat is set to. These clicks are essentially a signal that the system is powering down until it needs to get your home back to the correct temperature again.

Problem Sounds


If you are hearing a popping noise, it is probably your ductwork and not the air conditioner itself. This may be a sign that your ductwork needs work, as the popping is happening at the duct joints. While this may be a frustrating sound to hear and a sign that your AC is having to waste some energy, it is not an emergency. You should, however, have a trained technician fix the shoddy ductwork so that your system can work optimally.


If you are hearing extra clicking when your air conditioning unit starts up, this is a sign that your air conditioner capacitor is having trouble. This is not an emergency, but you should have a professional inspect it as quickly as possible, as your capacitor is necessary to run the motor. Once the motor stops running, you are looking at what will likely be a costly repair. It’s best to address this while the problem is a fairly simple fix.


A hissing sound in your air conditioner is most commonly attributable to a refrigerant leak. Other problems associated with hissing are leaking valves, a punctured capillary tube, an issue with the flare connection, or a rusted accumulator. For any kind of hissing sound in your air conditioner, you are going to schedule an appointment with a member of our trusted team.


Screeching sounds in your air conditioner are most often caused by either the compression mechanism or the fan motor. If caught early enough, either of these scenarios can be easily fixed by a well-trained professional.


If you are hearing a rattling noise, something may be loose inside your unit. It could also mean that your system is starting to deteriorate due to age and/or wear and tear. There is also the possibility that some debris got caught in your system and is hitting the fan. It is worth having a technician come out to identify the exact cause of any rattling sound.


High-pitch squealing is an indicator that your unit is under a large amount of pressure. High internal pressure could potentially damage your system, but it probably isn’t going to cause permanent damage. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t ignore it. There is also the possibility that the squealing sound is coming from a problematic belt. Any squealing sound should receive an inspection by a qualified team member at Precision Heating & Air.

Sounds Requiring an Immediate Shutdown


If you hear a banging noise coming from your air conditioning system, you should shut the system down right away. Something may be loose inside the system. If you don’t shut your system down, the loose part could hit a crucial component of your system and cause major damage. After shutting down your system, contact Precision Heating & Air to come out and figure out what is causing the banging.


If you hear buzzing coming from your air conditioning unit, shut it down immediately, as it could be a major safety concern. Buzzing can be a sign of the air conditioner having an electrical malfunction. This can happen due to anything, from loose wiring to frayed junctions. The reason why the sound is of such major concern is that an electrical malfunction could result in an electrical fire within your walls.

There is the possibility that the buzzing is due to a frozen system or a stuck condenser fan. However, you won’t know that, for sure, until a professional inspects your system. Shutting it down immediately and calling for emergency AC repair service is the smart way to go in a situation like this.

Reducing AC Noise

If professional technicians inspect your unit and find no issues, there are strategies you can take to lessen the sound of your unit if you find it disruptive. One option is to use a sound blanket. The bulk of the sound coming from an AC that is functioning normally is coming from its compressor. It’s okay to remove the top from your outdoor AC unit, resting a sound blanket over the compressor. This should take care of the bulk of the noise.

Another option for minimizing the normal sounds of an air conditioner is to dampen the sound of the outdoor unit with fencing material. If you go for this option, make sure to pick fencing material that has overlapping boards for maximum noise suppression. For a less involved option, you can also surround your air conditioner with plants.

Your Dallas AC Experts

At Precision Heating & Air, we pride ourselves on being a family-owned and -operated company that has been providing the Dallas, GA, community with exemplary service for decades. We offer a personal touch and pay an intense attention to details. We have extensive air conditioner knowledge, so if you are hearing strange sounds, we can help you get to the bottom of it. Not only can we help you with your air conditioner repair, but we are also here to help with any heating, cooling, or indoor air quality needs that you may have. If you are ready to stop worrying about the sounds coming from your air conditioner, give us a call today.

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