If you battle humidity in your home, trust the air quality experts at Precision Heating & Air for an effective solution. We offer whole-house, basement, and crawl space dehumidifiers for residents looking to increase air quality in their home.

Whole-House Dehumidifiers

Normal daily activities such as showering, cleaning, and cooking will naturally add moisture to your home. While your air conditioner may control the temperature, your AC isn’t designed to manage the moisture and humidity in your home. You need a whole-house dehumidifier for effective humidity control.

Whole-house dehumidifiers are installed as a component of your home’s cooling and heating system. It can work independently or in conjunction with your AC. Whole-house dehumidifiers work to reduce excess moisture and prevent the prevalence of allergens in your home.

Basement and Crawl Space Dehumidifiers

Basements are one of the most common problem areas for humidity. Because they are commonly underground and surrounded by moist earth, it’s easy for excess moisture to seep into your basement, which can cause serious air quality problems.

Whether you use the space as a family room or simply for storage, our basement and crawl space dehumidifiers will transform the space into a more inviting and comfortable room.

Benefits of Installing a Dehumidifier

Choosing a whole-house dehumidifier offers several benefits, such as:

  • Reduced levels of humidity in your home
  • Decreases in mildew, mold, dust mites, and other allergens
  • A more comfortable home to live in
  • Higher levels of air quality
  • Less irritation to your respiratory system and skin

Basement and whole-house dehumidifiers are extremely quiet and will not disrupt your daily life. These highly efficient devices run in the background and are hardly ever noticed.

Save Money and Extend the Life of Your AC

In addition to improving your air quality, a whole-house dehumidifier may also lower your energy costs and extend the life of your AC. Anytime the air in your home is more humid, your AC will have to work harder to try remove the moisture in the air and cool the space. This additional workload causes the components of your AC to wear out sooner, which means premature replacement. However, you can extend the life of your system and reduce energy consumption with whole-house or crawl-space dehumidifiers.

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