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What is a Gas Furnace?

A gas furnace is an essential heating component for homes in colder climates and around the Metro Atlanta area. In the furnace, s combustion of fossil fuel and heat transfer occurs. Essentially, the furnace converts gas into heat by using the following core components: thermostat, burners, heat exchangers, and blowers.


The thermostat is a gauge that effectively measures the temperature in your home. The thermostat tells the ignitor when it should begin the heating process.


After the furnace receives the signal from the thermostat, fuel is then injected into the burners and ignited by a hot surface ignitor. This process produces a controlled flame, which offers heat to the heat exchanger.

Heat Exchangers

The heat exchanger of a gas furnace is designed to deal with the heat. This is where the combustion gases enter after being produced by the burners. The heat exchanger is also where the furnace manages carbon monoxide.


The blower is an electric motor with a fan designed to create currents of air. This forced movement causes the air to move past the heat exchanger, which warms your home.

The Importance of Furnace Inspections and Annual Maintenance

All gas furnace manufacturers recommend annual inspections and maintenance by a qualified technician. Failure to have the service performed by a certified technician may result in your warranty being voided.

During the inspection, your Precision technician will check all parts and ensure everything is in safe and working order. In the end, having regular gas furnace maintenance is a matter of safety.

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