Without a doubt, Precision Heating & Air provides high-quality air conditioner installations in the Metro Atlanta area. The type of AC unit you need to be installed largely depends on factors related to the space it will be cooling. Our HVAC contractors can help customers pick the most efficient, budget-friendly AC unit to meet their needs.

New AC replacements are often installed to control temperatures and air quality. AC systems work differently, depending on the unit type, but generally consist of similar parts. AC systems pull air from inside your home or business and pass it over coils full of refrigerant. They then blow out cooler air through ductwork into various areas. In addition to providing a cool, comfortable environment, AC system filters purify the air.

New installations are energy efficient and generally will save customers money. Additionally, Energy Star-compliant installs are eligible for rebate programs in Georgia when installed by a qualified contractor.

Our cooling technicians are experienced and licensed to handle all the technicalities of installing a new AC system. We will walk our customers through the entire process of choosing the correct manufacturer and installation process. Our prices are transparent and always competitive with other Atlanta area HVAC companies.