Many older air conditioners are only made to last about 10 years before they must be replaced. However, today’s latest HVAC technology has significantly improved the lifespan of heating and cooling equipment. Newer units are designed to last longer and improve energy efficiency, which saves money on your monthly energy bill. A few of the most common signs you may need AC replacement are listed below.

The AC Unit Is an Energy Hog

If your system is running significantly longer than normal to achieve the same comfort level, your AC unit may need to be replaced. At the same time, you may notice your energy bill consistently increasing even though the temperature hasn’t changed outside. These are both indicators of a loss of efficiency.

The Air Conditioner Is More Than 10 Years Old

Any unit over 10 years old may need to be replaced. A newer, more energy efficient unit compared to one that is 20 years old will make a significant difference in your operating costs. Even if your older unit is working, it may make sense to upgrade to a more cost effective solution.

The Unit Makes Strange Noises

If you can’t hear over the outdoor unit when it is running, this may be a sign you need AC replacement. This noise could indicate the parts inside of the unit are breaking down. ENERGY STAR also suggests you may have an undersized duct system or there may be a problem with you indoor coil.

The System Needs Frequent Repairs

While all mechanical equipment may eventually need repairs, this shouldn’t be a recurring theme for your air conditioner. Even if the unit is blowing a circuit breaker or fuse on a regular basis, this could be an early warning sound.

How to Avoid AC Replacement?

If you are looking to extend the life of your AC unit, the best solution is regular preventative maintenance. Many AC failures and replacements can be avoided with early detection and prevention.

During the maintenance check, your Precision Heating & Air technician will examine all of the core components of the system to ensure proper function. If a part is malfunctioning, the technician will repair it and prevent it from causing other problems or a complete system failure.

The Precision Protection Program is the premier solution for ensuring your preventative care always happens on schedule.

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