duct cleaning

    Duct cleaning is the process of sweeping or vacuuming out debris, dust, and other particles from the ductwork, grilles, fan motors, and other areas of the HVAC system. Common pollutants in your home may include mold, smoke, carbon monoxide, household cleaning products, and allergens like dander.

    Many people benefit from duct cleaning for several reasons:
    • Duct cleaning removes the pollutants that blow around your home improves air quality and reduces the need to dust and clean.
    • The HVAC system will be less likely to break down, as it won’t be working as hard once the ducts are cleaned.
    • Your home’s energy efficiency increases by as much as 40% when very dirty ducts are cleaned. This saves homeowners money on utility bills.
    • Removing allergens helps people suffering from allergies.

    Duct cleaning should be left to the professionals. That goes without saying. Ducts can be made from various types of materials which may become damaged if the wrong tools or products are used when cleaning.

    Precision Heating & Air offers duct cleaning services to people all over Atlanta and surrounding communities. Our certified, licensed technicians never use unnecessary chemicals and always leave spaces tidy after we leave.

    Signs Your Ducts Need Cleaning

    If ducts are dirty, your air quality suffers. Many people like new homeowners do not recognize the signs they should look for when considering having ducts cleaned.

    Signs or reasons to have your air ducts clean include:
    • There has been a recent vermin or insect infestation near ducts or vents
    • There are noticeable billows of dust when the air exits a vent
    • Noticeable cobwebs exist around vents
    • There is mold growth around ducts
    • You or your family members have developed illness or allergies for no apparent reason

    Georgia Power offers homeowner’s incentives to clean and seal air ducts, which saves energy. Homeowners can receive up to $400 if they take advantage of these services.

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