Summertime is here and that means the heat is rising. Make sure you stay cool in the blistering Georgia summer months with a fine-tuned HVAC unit ready to handle those days that creep near triple digits. If you’re in Dallas, Marietta, Smyrna, or anywhere in the Metro Atlanta area, be sure to call the experienced technicians at Precision Heating & Air and get your HVAC the tune-up it needs to be prepared to run cool and efficiently. Call today and schedule your 100% guaranteed HVAC tune-up.

The Precision Heating & Air Tune-Up

We’re so meticulous and thorough in our inspections, that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. And the best part is that a one-system inspection is just $89.95. Our skilled technicians will come out to your house and perform our signature 26-Point Precision Heating & Air Clean & Check. We check everything from the thermostat, wiring and connections, blower motor, vacuum, condenser and evaporator coils, and ignition system so you can be cool with the flip of a switch. We’re available Monday through Friday for general maintenance and provide emergency service 24/7. Schedule an appointment today.

Make Sure You Keep that HVAC Clean

One thing you should always do on your own is keeping that AC unit clean all year round. Many times, your AC may seem like it’s not running efficiently, but that can be changed by keeping the following tips in mind. Stay atop those filters. Precision Heating & Air can provide you with these to keep them clean and clear all year round. You can be sure any debris is clear by taking off the grill, scrubbing it down, and clearing out the inside. And check those drains and hoses. Make sure they are level and clear of any debris that may clog them up. We’re here 24/7 for emergencies you may have but be sure to see if you can do a quick fix first!

Annual HVAC Maintenance Plans

What’s better than our $89.95 100% satisfaction guaranteed HVAC tune-up? How about a maintenance plan for the entire year that saves you money by keeping that HVAC running? Precision Heating & Air offers three maintenance plans. Consider yourself a VIP with the Premium Care Plan. For just $50 a month, you’ll save yourself money on any possible repairs and earn valuable protection for part replacements. We also offer the Extra Care and Base Care plan that ensures your trusted HVAC technicians are ready to jump for your every need and save you more in the long haul.

Be Ready for Summer with an HVAC Tune-Up

Don’t delay. The summer is here and the temperatures throughout Metro Atlanta are rising. Schedule a Precision Heating & Air Tune-Up and ensure you are on your way to a cool summer. If you’re in Dallas or Marietta we’re here five days a week, ready to come on by and get that AC unit pumping cool air efficiently, so you can beat the heat and not break the wallet this summer. Schedule an appointment today!

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