Updated: June 10, 2024

When you require heating, ventilation, or air conditioning work done in your Johns Creek home, you need someone trustworthy and knowledgeable you can rely on. If your system needs maintenance, repair, or even an AC replacement, you’ll want someone on the job who knows what they are doing inside and out. Don’t cut corners and save a few bucks by hiring the guy down the street or bringing in your brother-in-law. Be sure the HVAC contractor you call is licensed. Let’s explore a little more about why this is so important.

1. Knowledge and Experience

Enlisting someone with HVAC training and knowledge has many benefits. A licensed HVAC contractor is up to date with all new industry standards and usually has plenty of experience in repairs and installations. This licensed contractor has undergone rigorous training and strict testing to ensure the highest level of expertise. Hiring someone who has demonstrated knowledge of what they are doing is the key to having a properly functioning furnace or air conditioner.

2. Safety

Installing or repairing an HVAC system involves working with electric and gas components. If you hire someone who isn’t highly trained and experienced, there are significant risks that something might go wrong. You could have damage to your home if there are electrical problems. The technician could face injury during the service through electric shock or explosion. Even long after the work is complete, the health and safety of you and your family could be at risk due to improper wiring or gas leaks.

3. Understanding Building Codes in Your City

The handyman from down the street may be able to come and fix your furnace for you, but does he know the building codes in your area? While minor fixes and routine maintenance may not be subject to local codes and regulations, installation almost always is. For this reason, you need a licensed HVAC contractor to complete your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation work. If a repair or installation is not up to code, you may be subject to a fine and required to remedy the situation. Having to call in a licensed contractor after the work is done adds to your cost. In addition, violating building codes may also come at a higher safety risk.

4. Warranty Acceptance

Many new heating and air conditioning units and parts come with some kind of warranty from the manufacturer. A licensed HVAC technician must complete the repairs or install the heat or air conditioning unit in order for the warranty agreement to remain valid. Some even call for routine maintenance and preventative care to keep your unit running as it should. If you hire someone who is not licensed, you may void the warranty. Losing warranty coverage could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars if the furnace, air conditioner, or component malfunctions down the road.

5. Liability Insurance

A licensed HVAC contractor carries liability insurance that protects their company, you, and your home during the repair and installation process. If something goes awry during service, this insurance could pay for injury to the contractor, damages to your home, or even injury to anyone inside your home. Most unlicensed contractors do not carry this insurance, which could leave you footing the bill if something goes wrong as the fault of the HVAC technician you hired.

6. Homeowner’s Insurance

Many homeowner’s insurance policies may cover damages caused by your HVAC systems. These damages include fire, heat or water damage, or other destruction. If you hire someone off the street, though, beware. Your insurance policy may carry clauses or exclusions that would deny your claim if work is done by an unlicensed person. Without proper licensing, a technician cannot prove high-quality training and current knowledge of industry standards and regulations and may miss a potentially critical step.

7. Quality Work

With experience and expertise comes a higher quality of workmanship. When you hire someone who is a licensed expert in HVAC services, you are getting a competent technician who knows the ropes. This means that the contractor will professionally complete your job and stand behind the work. It also means having your unit repaired or installed properly with no loose ends or cut corners. Having someone who is trained and skilled in HVAC repairs and installations decreases the likelihood of costly mistakes.

8. Permits and Inspections

Some HVAC installations and repairs require permits to complete. A licensed HVAC contractor knows how to apply for and obtain these permits and knows when they are necessary. Some localities may not even issue a permit for installation to someone who is not licensed. Certain HVAC work should never be done without required permits, and if you fail to obtain them, you could face a fine.

Inspections are also best left to the licensed professionals. An HVAC technician with specialized training knows exactly what to look for and how to spot problems, especially those that are more obscure. Most inspections for insurance and mortgage purposes require the use of a licensed HVAC contractor. Additionally, some cities require inspections for rental units, and these also normally call for someone who is licensed. Want to answer some frequently asked HVAC questions? Read here!

9. Professional Service

Saving money by hiring a technician who does not hold a license could mean skipping out on professional service. Professional service means a lot of things. It means having a technician who cares about completing the job correctly and going the distance to ensure customer satisfaction. A professional HVAC company is usually responsive and courteous through all steps of the service process. A professional HVAC contractor keeps a tidy work area and cleans up any messes after performing services. Your licensed HVAC contractor will likely go above and beyond to make sure your heating or air conditioning unit works properly and safely.

10. Peace of Mind

At the end of the day, you want to relax and rest easy knowing that you’ve hired an HVAC contractor you can trust to perform your job expertly. Knowing that your contractor is licensed comes with loads of benefits that give you peace of mind throughout the entire process, from start to finish. This takes a lot of stress out of your HVAC project and could mean significant savings in the future.

Finding the right HVAC contractor to handle your home’s projects requires a little research. One very important part of the research process is ensuring the company you hire is licensed, insured, and professional. Having a licensed technician carry out the work on your HVAC system could mean hundreds of dollars of savings in the future thanks to proper work the first time around. It also means you can breathe easy knowing you’ve hired someone who is experienced and knowledgeable.

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