The cool weather has finally arrived and it’s time to turn on your faithful heater. Just like any helpful home appliance, it’s important to ensure you maintain your equipment properly to prevent costly issues and to keep things running smoothly. Take the following steps to maintain your heating system before turning on the heater this fall.

Check the Air Filter

This is a simple way to take care of your heating and air system, but it is often forgotten or overlooked. Similar to an oil change in a car, changing your air filter is an inexpensive way to prevent larger problems with your heating unit. For households that produce more dust and dirt or have pets, it is recommended that air filters be changed every three months.

Remove Obstructions Near the Heater

Before turning on the heater, remove all debris and obstructions that may cause a fire hazard around your heater. Ensure that nothing is leaning against the heating unit or covering any of the vents. This is important to prevent house fires and chemical reactions.

Open Your Vents

While it may seem strange, your heating unit runs more smoothly and efficiently if all vents, even in unused rooms, remain open. This can also help prevent fire hazards by allowing the hot air to escape throughout the house.

Test Your Thermostat

Another great step before turning on your heater is to check and test your thermostat. Replace old batteries, test to see if the heat kicks on, and set a heating program.

Clean Your Ducts

This is an important step to prevent fire hazards and to help clear dust and molds from your ducts. Have your ducts professionally cleaned before you turn on your heating unit to remove dust and dirt buildup. This simple step can dramatically improve the air quality in your home.

Have a Professional Check Your Heater

The last step to take before turning on your furnace this fall is to call in a heating and air professional to do routine maintenance on your heating system. Having your heating system regularly maintained can prevent expensive repairs and equipment replacement in the long run. It can also help keep your system running longer and more efficiently, saving you money on energy bills.

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