Memorial Day has passed and that means summer is upon us. From Dallas to Marietta, the Metro Atlanta summer heat is getting to that uncomfortable point. Be sure you beat the heat and get your HVAC unit ready for the summer months with Precision Heating & Air. We’re here five days a week from 8-5 p.m. to make sure your HVAC is running smoothly and efficiently, keeping you cool without burning a hole in your wallet. Be sure to follow these tips to keep those costs low and contact our team with any questions or concerns.

Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Maintained All Year Round

The easiest way to stay on top of your HVAC unit’s efficiency is to keep up regular maintenance throughout the year. Now, it may be a little too late for that, but that’s where the experienced technicians at Precision Heating & Air come into the picture. We’ll come out and perform our 26-point Precision Heating & Air Check and Clean. Our technicians are so meticulous in checking everything from wiring to the blower to the condenser coil, that we guarantee no breakdowns and 100% satisfaction. Give us a call and set up an appointment Monday through Friday to ensure your HVAC is ready for the sweltering Metro Atlanta months.

Keep Your House Cool for the Summer Hear

This may come as a surprise. When you see that thermometer jumping up to the 90s and inching towards the 100s, you don’t necessarily have to jump up and throw on the AC unit. Starting and stopping your HVAC unit not only hurts its efficiency but costs you in the long run. Keep curtains drawn in your house when temperatures are peaking to keep the sun and heat out. Make sure your doors and windows are sealed, keeping cool air in and hot air out. Prepare your house to stay cool before the heat hits, and you won’t need to have the AC on full blast this summer.

Keep that HVAC Unit and Area Clean

You don’t have to be one of our highly skilled technicians to keep your HVAC unit clean. When there is a problem or malfunction, we’re here to help, even providing emergency service seven days a week, but you can help with the cleaning process to avoid any repairs or breakdowns. Start by keeping up on filter changes and maximizing the cool air that circulates your house. Take that grille off, hose it down, and be sure to clear out the inside and keep the drain and area clear of any debris. Sometimes, your AC just needs professional cleaning, and we’re here to help. But if you stay on top of it and keep that HVAC clean, you’ll be a lot more comfortable this summer.

Beat the Summer Heat in Metro Atlanta and Transition Your HVAC from Spring to Summer

Nothing is worse than having the Metro Atlanta summer heat on full blast and you have a broken-down HVAC. Now that spring is gone, be sure to follow these simple tips and get your AC unit primed for those sweltering summer months. Keep it clean, stay on top of regular maintenance, and be prepared for hot days, and your AC unit will be running smoothly and efficiently all summer long. Remember to give our Dallas location a call today and make sure your HVAC unit is ready to roll this summer.

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