Scope Of Agreement:

This is a two-party agreement for the provision of maintenance services by Precision Heating & Air [“Precision Heating & Air”] to the Customer. This is not an insurance policy or warranty agreement, except Precision Heating & Air will not charge Customer to replace parts it installs (during the term of this Agreement only) as follows: Premium Care – 3 years; Extra Care – 2 years; Base Care – 120 days. The services that will be provided for a fixed annual or monthly fee are only those specified under the Plan selected by the Customer for the Listed Equipment. Any additional services requested by the Customer will be invoiced at an agreed-upon price.


This Agreement shall become effective and remain in effect only upon payment by Customer to Precision Heating & Air. Payment may be made either in advance annually or by monthly automatic debit to a charge card or debit card provided by the Customer. If Customer elects to pay monthly by automatic debit, this Agreement shall renew automatically and remain in effect until Customer either contacts Precision Heating & Air’s Customer Service to discontinue the Agreement or Customer terminates the automatic debit.

Service Availability Times:

All routine maintenance will be scheduled to begin between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Monday through Friday, except holidays. Scheduling will be at times agreeable to Precision Heating & Air and Customer, subject to the availability of Precision Heating & Air’s technicians. Any non-routine maintenance or repair requested by the Customer will be given priority service over Precision Heating & Air’s customers without a Maintenance Agreement.

Emergency Service:

On the Premium Care Plan emergency service will be provided on a priority 24/7 basis. On Extra Care Plan and Base Care Plan emergency service will be provided as soon as practicable and within 24 hours (weekends excluded) of the call.

Third-party Service:

Customer agrees to permit only Precision Heating & Air’s technicians to work on the subject equipment unless otherwise authorized in writing by Precision Heating & Air. If there is evidence of a violation of this policy, Precision Heating & Air’s duties under this Agreement will be mitigated to the extent of any damage resulting from faulty repairs by a third party or Customer.

Limited Warranty:

Precision Heating & Air warrants the parts it installs for 90 days after the date of installation not to be defective. Only this 90-day warranty will continue if this Agreement is terminated or non-renewed by Customer. Customers may have additional warranty protection from manufacturers of parts, but Precision Heating & Air is not a guarantor of those warranty duties of the manufacturer.


If Customer sells the property covered under this Agreement, the new owner shall continue to have any rights under this Agreement, subject to payment.

Cancellation By Precision Heating & Air:

Precision Heating & Air may cancel and terminate its responsibilities under this Agreement at any time for fraud or material misrepresentation by Customer or failure of Customer to make timely payment for services provided by Precision Heating & Air.

Cancellation By Customer:

Customer may cancel this Agreement at any time for any reason by giving written notice to Precision Heating & Air. Written notice may be provided by email to [email protected]. Upon cancellation Precision Heating & Air will refund, on a pro-rata basis, less any service discounts received by Customer, the unearned portion of any amounts prepaid to Precision Heating & Air by Customer. Such refund will be made within 30 days of the date of cancellation.