Did you experience issues with your heater or furnace this past winter? Whether your heater wasn’t keeping your house warm, or it is just an old unit, the best time to replace it is this summer. Rather than waiting until it’s cold outside again, get ahead of the game and replace your heater or furnace before you need it.

The heating, cooling, and clean air experts at Precision Heating & Air, recommend replacing your furnace or heating unit in the summer, and below, we break down a few of the benefits of doing so.

Save Money on a New Heater or Furnace

Purchasing a new heater or furnace in the summer can help you save money. The cost of heating and furnace units is generally lower in the summer because they are not in high demand. These savings can even help you afford more energy-efficient options such as Trane heating units.

Easy Heater & Furnace Installation Scheduling

Avoid the rush! Everyone waits until the last minute to replace their heating unit or furnace. This can make it difficult to schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. When you’re scheduling your appointment during the summer, you have more flexibility because it isn’t cold outside. This allows you more time to find a day that works for everyone because you’re not in a rush.

Make the Right Heater or Furnace Choice

Trying to find a heater or furnace that you like, works well for your home, and fits in your budget can be difficult to do last minute resulting in a rushed decision. Give yourself some time and do your research. This will ensure that you have found the right unit for your home and your wallet. We even have heating and furnace financing options available with approved credit!

Contact Precision Heating & Air Today for Your New Heater or Furnace

Replace your heater or furnace this summer. There are several benefits to replacing your heater in the summer rather than waiting for the winter. Save money, find the right unit, and schedule a time that works for you.

The expert team at Precision Heating & Air can help you choose the unit that works for your home and schedule a time that is best for you to install it. Give us a call today at (770) 758-4552 or schedule a service call online!

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