As summer approaches, families often take road trips and plan summer vacations, which can have you leaving town for days or weeks at a time. It’s the perfect time to spend time with family and enjoy some rest.

Next time you’re packing and prepping for vacation, remember these simple steps to prep your house for vacation and safeguard your HVAC system before leaving. Check out these tips from Precision Heating & Air to prep your HVAC system before vacation.

Prep Your House for Vacation: Adjust Your Thermostat

To save energy while you’re away from your home, you can adjust the temperature. During winter, you’ll never want to go below 50 degrees. You’ll also want to keep your heat on when you travel to avoid frozen pipes.

In the summer, keep your home no warmer than 85 degrees. Setting your thermostat higher will save you on bills and keeping the AC running will keep your home from getting too hot.

Schedule and HVAC System Check Up

Have a professional HVAC technician do a routine maintenance check on your system and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your system will be running as it should when you return.

Small problems that go unfixed only get bigger the longer you leave them. A professional will make sure your HVAC system is in good working order when you return.

Mind Your Windows

Before leaving, check your windows and make sure they are completely closed and sealed. If there are areas in your home that get excessive sun, you may want to shut the blinds or block out the sun. This is especially smart if the sun shines directly on your unit’s thermostat. This could trick your system into thinking it’s hotter in your home than it is!

Open All Vents

HVAC systems are designed to work most efficiently with the most airflow possible. Make sure all your vents are opened and that nothing is blocking them while you are away on vacation.

Change Your Air Filter

Dirty air filters will make it harder for your system to work efficiently. Change your air filter before leaving on vacation to make sure your system is running efficiently and to save money.

Invest in Surge Protectors

What happens if the power goes out while you’re not home? Power outages and power surges can do massive amounts of damage to your HVAC unit and any other electronics you may have plugged in. Heating and cooling systems are an investment, so protecting them to make sure they last a long time is important. A surge protector is an effective and inexpensive way to keep your system from being damaged by any unexpected electrical issues.

Contact Precision Heating & Air in Atlanta, GA for a Tune-Up

Before you go out of town, contact the team at Precision Heating & Air in Atlanta, GA for an HVAC tune-up and get peace of mind that your system is running efficiently while you are out of town! Our technicians will check your air filters, check for leaks, inspect components, and more. Call our experts today at (770) 758-4552.

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