Precision Heating & Cooling Tune-Up

$89.95*  ⋅  Guaranteed No Breakdowns
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Prevent Heating & AC system breakdowns and costly repairs before they happen. With over 30 years of experience, Precision Heating & Air knows how to thoroughly clean and inspect your furnace and air conditioning unit to avoid HVAC system failures. We’re a family-owned business proudly serving multiple areas in metro Atlanta.

Learn more about our comprehensive HVAC system tune-up below, and schedule your service call online today!

Our 26-Point Precision Heating & Cooling Clean & Check

  1. Inspect thermostat calibration & operation.
  2. Inspect all low voltage wiring and connections.
  3. Inspect all high voltage wiring and connections.
  4. Monitor refrigerant pressures.
  5. Inspect and test blower motor starter.
  6. Inspect and test condenser fan motor capacitor.
  7. Inspect and test compressor capacitor.
  8. Inspect compressor motor windings.
  9. Test compressor starting operation.
  10. Inspect, test and clean contactor for burnt or pitted contacts.
  11. Inspect and test defrost control system.
  12. Test defrost thermostat.
  13. Clean condenser coil.
  14. Clean condenser pan.
  15. Monitor blower motor starting amps.
  16. Inspect blower motor wheel.
  17. Inspect and clean induced draft motor housing.
  18. Inspect vacuum switch and hose.
  19. Inspect and test ignition system.
  20. Inspect and monitor heat exchangers.
  21. Inspect and clean condensate drain on evaporator coil and 90% furnace.
  22. Inspect and monitor evaporator coil.
  23. Monitor temperature differential.
  24. Inspect and test the heating system gas consumption.
  25. Inspect and test all emergency heating elements and relays.
  26. Replace 1” common filter.

*$89.95 is the cost for one system only.