The holidays are just around the corner, and we’re sure you have some fun trips scheduled. Whether you leave for a fun road trip to a relative’s home or have a flight to an exotic holiday vacation, you want to make sure you don’t forget anything – including ways to lower your monthly heating bill.

Wasting energy, especially in homes, is a huge issue in the United States. We waste more energy than any other nation in the world. The dismal average energy efficiency of the an estimated 42 percent. That means more than half of the energy used by an average citizen is wasted, adding to increased monthly payments on bills.

Before you leave town this holiday season, take some preventive measures to save energy while you’re away. Continue using energy-saving practices once you’re back in town. Saving energy means saving money! Here are three essential tips from Precision Heating & Air to save energy at home.

1. Replace Furnace Filters

Replacing your furnace filter has numerous benefits. Dirty filters can block your heating and air conditioning unit’s airflow, which causes the blower motor to work overtime. This alone will cause your unit to malfunction. Since HVAC motors must work harder with clogged filters, your energy bill will increase.

Replace furnace filters to improve the air quality in your home and to avoid spreading allergens. Dirt also pollutes the entire HVAC system, which leads to frequent visits from technicians to repair and service your equipment. Schedule a service to check and replace old filters in your home.

2. Seal Ventilation Leaks

If your home has inadequate insulation, the hot air from the heater will seem like it isn’t reaching you. You’ll have to turn up the thermostat even more to compensate, but that won’t fix the problem. Caulk and weather-strip doors, windows, floors, walls, and ceilings.

Dirty spots on the ceiling or ground are usually signs of an air leak. For a full overhaul of leaks, you may want to invest in better-insulated windows and doors in the future. Contact us for a full inspection of your home.

3. Adjust the Temperature

The simplest way to save energy before you go for the holidays is to adjust the temperature. When you leave for your vacation, turn your thermostat as low as possible.

When you are sleeping or away, lower your thermostat for at least 5 hours and you’ll start to see a big difference in your monthly energy bill.

Schedule an Appointment for Professional Heating and Air Service

If you need help replacing old filters or sealing stubborn leaks in your home, schedule an appointment for professional service.

Feel free to give us a call at (770) 758-4552 to book an appointment over the phone. Happy holidays!

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