As the weather gets cooler, you might find yourself wondering why your furnace is on, but you’re not getting or staying warm. Don’t waste money just trying to turn the heat up higher and higher; take a look at this checklist to troubleshoot some common heating system issues.

Dirt or Debris in the Moving Parts, Motor, or Fan Belt

Like any machine, the pieces need to be clean to move and do their jobs. Over time build-up can form on the various parts of your furnace, like the motor and fan belt. Clearing these parts of any gunk that has them jammed up is a good way to keep your furnace running at optimal levels.

Full Filter

A full air filter could be blocking the warm air from your furnace from reaching your house. Central air and heating filters should be changed around every other month, but generally, if they’re dirty, clean them. Your environment, the number of pets you have, the number of occupants, allergy concerns, etc. are all factors that influence how quickly your filters fill up.

Blocked Ductwork

The ductwork that carries air from your furnace to the rest of your house can build up dust and dirt over time, though generally not as frequently as air filters do. Vacuuming out blocked ducts will keep warm air flowing to all parts of your home.

Thermostat Placement

Your home might not be reaching the desired temperature for the simple reason that your thermostat is in a bad place. Your thermostat is the mechanism that determines whether or not your furnace needs to turn on. It needs to be in a place where it can read the average temperature of your home. If it is in direct sunlight or right under an air vent you won’t be getting the temperature of the whole house, just that one spot.

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