Winter tips in Atlanta, GA
January 20

Winter HVAC Challenges and Solutions

Although winters in Georgia may not have the subzero temperatures that are common in the northern parts of the United States, they can still become… View Article Read More

Winter tips in Atlanta, GA
January 1

Why Does Your Auxiliary Heat Keep Coming On?

Having auxiliary (AUX) heat is supposed to protect your home if the temperature becomes extremely cold. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work as expected. If your… View Article Read More

Furance Services in Atlanta, GA
December 13

How Often Does a Gas Furnace Need to Be Serviced?

If your home has a gas furnace, it’s important that you keep the unit well maintained. A poorly maintained furnace won’t ever work as well… View Article Read More

Furnace Repair in Atlanta, GA
November 8

10 Signs that Your Heat Exchanger Is Cracked

Most homeowners take their furnaces for granted. When it gets cold outside, they simply turn up the heat and enjoy being in their warm, comfortable… View Article Read More

Furnace maintenance
November 8

How Long Should Your Furnace Remain Off Between Cycles?

In winter, keeping the interior of your Dallas, GA home warm is a full-time job. Although your furnace does the bulk of this work, your… View Article Read More

X Reasons Why You Should Use A Licensed HVAC Contractor in Georgia
September 30

What Are Heat Strips and How Do You Maintain Them?

In the world of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), a variety of technologies and components contribute to the comfort and climate control of our… View Article Read More

Why Does My Furnace Smell?
October 13

Why Does My Furnace Smell?

Updated: September 30, 2023 When colder weather arrives, and the furnace clicks on for the first time, there’s always that familiar odor. But any smells… View Article Read More