Updated date: April 3, 2024
If you are in the market for a new water heater replacement in the Atlanta Metro area, it’s important to know not only how many gallons your water heater is but also the exterior dimensions as well. These two factors will have an impact on how much your water heater will cost.

At Precision Heating & Air, we’re proud to serve the local community with our heating and cooling services. We install, service, and repair a variety of models, including conventional, hybrid, and tankless water heaters.

Use this handy guide from our expert contractors to determine the size of your water heater.

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How to Determine the Size of your Hot Water Heater

Use these step-by-step instructions to calculate the size of your water heater.

Find the Gallon Capacity

The first step to determining the size is to look for the sticker on the side of your water heater. This will typically have the gallon capacity listed.

Measure It Out

Next, measure the height from the base to the top, as well as the diameter. Measuring the water heater from the floor to the ceiling is also helpful to see how much space it takes up.

What Size Hot Water Heater Do I Need?

We recommend a small storage tank (50-60 gallons) for one to two people. A medium storage tank (80 gallons) usually works well for three to four people. Lastly, if you have four to six people, you’ll want to invest in a large tank. This, of course, is a general rule. A family of five can survive very well on a thirty-gallon water heater if they space out their needs.

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