Americans spend a lot of time indoors. You might be shocked to learn most homes have poor indoor air quality, which can pose a great risk to your health.

    The Environmental Protection Agency determined that air pollutants are 2 to 5 times more prevalent indoors rather than outdoors. Air fresheners and candles are not safe air fresher, because they spread noxious chemicals and hydrocarbons.

    Indoor air quality is crucial for homeowners to help mitigate potential respiratory dangers, and Precision Heating & Air is dedicated to helping our customers choose the right air quality control systems for their homes.

    Humidifiers are a safe and effective way to improve the air quality in your home. They are also great for dry winter months. Humidity levels drop during winter and can have harmful consequences on your health.

    A humidifier adds water vapor to the air. The added moisture prevents common irritation in people and effectively prevents dry skin, noses, and throats. Since there is a drastic drop in temperatures during winter months, humidifiers are extremely beneficial to homeowners sensitive to allergens and dry air.

    There are several types of humidifiers, including central humidifiers, impeller humidifiers, and ultrasonic humidifiers.

    We can build a central humidifier into your heating or cooling unit. Unlike humidifiers you can buy at the store, this choice spreads humidity throughout the entire house.

    Impeller humidifiers are a less-expensive option. Although they only work for single rooms, the devices utilize rotating disks to create cool mists in the selected location of your home.

    Finally, ultrasonic humidifiers use ultrasonic vibrations to spread cool mist throughout your home.

    Humidifiers offer a variety of benefits to homeowners. Learn more about how a humidifier is great for your home.

    Humidifiers Help Prevent & Treat Illness

    Humidity helps your body filter bacteria and viruses from the air to prevent colds and the flu. The added humidity also helps lubricate your vocal cords, so you can speak clearly and avoid developing a sore throat.

    Adding moisture to the air is also a great remedy to help alleviate cold and flu symptoms. Help your nasal and throat passageways, so you can breathe and sleep better.

    Humidifiers Help Your Home Feel Warmer

    Adding moisture to the air can help warm up a room. The higher the humidity, the warmer you will feel.

    Humidifiers are perfect during winter nights because they help moisten your nose and soft palate. It will not only increase your quality of sleep, but humidifiers will help prevent snoring.

    Humidifiers Help with Skin Care

    Winter dries out the air and can leave your skin feeling scaly and itchy. If you add a humidifier, the air will have more moisture and help protect your skin from drying out. It is also great to prevent chapped lips.

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