How to Achieve Perfect Indoor Temperatures in the Metro Atlanta Area

We’ve certainly seen it all this past winter. One day you wake up and it’s a frigid, cold morning in Hiram and a week later it is a beautiful day for a run in Piedmont Park or any of the trails in the Metro Atlanta area. It’s hard enough in the sweltering heat of the Georgia summers to maintain the ideal indoor temperature, but how do you maintain the perfect indoor temperature during the months that come in between the seasons? Find out how to live both comfortable and affordably from Dallas to Marietta. Our family-run business has been in the Atlanta area for years not just to sell you the best products, but to make sure you know how to keep the family comfortable all year-round.

Do a Home Inspection to Make Sure You’re Ready Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall

Ever been sitting near your window and your feet suddenly get really cold? Feel a cold blast of air from a storage space in your house, whether it’s the attic or a crawl space. Now is the time to give the home a check. If something is leaking cool air into the house, it will impact your HVAC unit, making it run longer, trying to maintain a comfortable temperature that much more difficult. This is a simple first step you can take before calling a technician out to your home.

The 26-point Precision Heating and Cooling Check and Clean

Now, that’s detailed. Our expertly-trained technicians are available year-round to make sure your HVAC unit is running smoothly. That starts with getting our team out to your house and getting that air conditioning unit ready to go. For just $89.95 we will closely inspect, clean, and test all the blowers, filters, coils, pans and compressors to ensure your unit is running efficiently. With a clean and properly running unit, your home can maintain those perfect indoor temperatures at a much lower cost.

Stay on Top of that Thermostat

Another simple home inspection would be to check in on that thermostat. Turning it on when you’re hot or cold, and turning it off when you’re not is not good for the HVAC unit nor your wallet. You want to keep the thermostat running at one temperature, so it maintains itself and runs efficiently. Many times, you can call your service provider to find out what temperature is best at that time of year.

Also, be sure you have an updated thermostat. With advances in technology, you can remotely control your thermostat should something go wrong. From the right temperature to the right device, keeping up with your thermostat can save you a lot of money.

Stay Comfortable in Those Transition Months with Precision Air and Heating

Our family-run business has been keeping people comfortable in their own home for a long time. It’s not simply because we sell the best products to the Metro Atlanta area from Kennesaw to Douglasville, it’s because we have the experience and knowledge to keep you cool at a budget-friendly cost all year-round. Whether you’re in Marietta, Acworth, or John’s Creek, follow these simple tips from home inspections to HVAC tune-ups to keep you and the family relaxing in the perfect indoor temperature no matter what time of year it is. Call the trusted technicians at Precision Heating & Air in Dallas, GA for more information.