Georgia is known for its great climate. It has perfect weather in the spring and autumn seasons, but it can get scorching in the summer and frigid in the winter. For a comfortable indoor temperature, your home needs great air conditioning and heating units. A faulty system can result in sweltering summer days and miserable winter days. If you need HVAC services in Hiram, Georgia, contact Precision Heating & Air.

We provide high-quality heating and air-quality control services in Hiram. Whether you need your unit fixed or an upgrade, we have the solution to your problem. Learn more about our wide array of services and schedule a service call online to save 10%!

AC (Air Conditioning) Services in Hiram, Georgia

Keeping cool during the summer is a must in Georgia. The temperature can easily reach the high 90s and low 100s, so having a good air conditioning unit is a necessity. If your AC unit is acting up, schedule an inspection. A certified technician will check your AC to find the source of inconsistent temperatures, noises, or leaks. Get a quick diagnosis and we can fix your unit. We also offer maintenance subscriptions along with our Precision Protection Plan for discounts on regular repairs and parts.

If it’s time for a completely new AC unit, a qualified HVAC expert can install a new unit for your home. Sometimes, no amount of repairs or maintenance can save a unit. Talk to a member of our team about your budget, and we can find an affordable new unit for your home.

Heating Services in Hiram, Georgia

Contact us for full-service heating in Hiram. Our technicians can repair or maintain your current unit or install a new heating unit for your property. If you suspect that your heating unit is acting up, we offer a flat-rate diagnostic test starting at $79. A technician will thoroughly inspect your unit and provide an estimate for the heating repair.

However, old heating units sometimes can be too far gone to repair. If you need a completely new unit, our technicians can show you a variety of the latest products and install a new unit as soon as possible.

We also offer maintenance subscriptions for regular check-ups. Save money, and sign up for a subscription. We can inspect or replace any gas furnace, heat pump, or water heater, so you’ll always be comfortable in your home in Hiram. Learn more about our heating services and contact us for an initial service appointment.

Air Quality Services in Hiram, Georgia

Clean air in your home is crucial for your health. Breathing dirty air can impair your well-being and trigger allergies. Be comfortable in your home and have it serviced for air-quality control.

Contact us for a thorough cleaning of your ducts, the network of tubes that flow air into your house. We can also install new air purifiers or filters in your HVAC system for higher quality air. Some homes are ridden with mold, odors, and poor ventilation. We can inspect your home and install a dehumidifier to solve your problem.

Schedule an air-quality inspection, and we’ll find the solution to your ventilation problem.

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