Whether you’re heating or cooling a home, using your thermostat correctly is key to saving on energy costs and keeping your home comfortable. Because many people don’t fully understand how their thermostat works, it’s easy to make some simple mistakes.

Unfortunately, these mistakes are often reflected in your monthly energy bill. To save on costs and to heat and cool your home the right way, avoid these three common thermostat mistakes from the experts at Precision Heating & Air.

Turning Up the Thermostat to Warm a Room Faster

A thermostat is a temperature control unit that determines the final temperature setting of a room. While it may be tempting to turn the temperature up to heat a room faster, the thermostat only determines the final temperature, not how fast it gets heated.

For example, if the optimal temperature of a room is 74 degrees, but you turn it up to 76 to heat it faster, the overall temperature of the room will end up being 76 degrees. It won’t warm up any faster, but you’ll end up overheating the room and spending more on energy costs.

Keeping One Temperature Throughout the Day

A common error people make when using their thermostat is keeping it the same temperature throughout the day. While it may seem energy efficient, it requires more from your heating and cooling unit. The temperature outside changes throughout the day, with the warmest part of the day lasting between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. The temperature level inside your home is working to combat whatever the temperature is outside.

If you set your thermostat to one setting, it has to work that much harder to maintain that temperature with the fluctuating temperatures outside. Programming your thermostat to change throughout the day requires less energy, saving you on your monthly bill and giving your heating/cooling unit a break.

Running the Unit All Day

Another good way to save energy is to keep your unit from running all day. When you’re at work, turn your thermostat to a setback temperature. If you want it to be cool when you get home, you can program your thermostat to switch to a lower temperature a half hour before you arrive home. If you go on vacation, you can either put it on a setback temperature while you’re gone or turn the unit completely off to give it a break.

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