2016 Atlanta Gas Incentives

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Marietta Power Rebates and Incentives

  • Marietta Power and Water is offering rebates for ENERGY STAR certified central heating and air-conditioning equipment and ENERGY STAR certified appliances.
  • Rebates are paid by a one-time credit on your Marietta Power and Water bill.
  • Rebates are available for limited time.

HVAC Rebate Terms

  • Must be Energy Star compliant.
  • Must be central units only on primary dwelling.
  • Must be electric air conditioner or heat pump (dual fuel is eligible).
  • Must be installed new by qualified contractor in Georgia.

HVAC Rebates

  • $250 for gas to Energy Star electric unit*.
  • $100 for electric to Energy Star electric unit.
  • $150 for new home installation of Energy Star electric unit.

Georgia Power

  • Air Duct cleaning on your heating & cooling system, get up to $400.00
  • Air Duct sealing on your heating & cooling system, get up to $400.00
  • Replacing your gas water heater with a new electric water heater, get up to $300.00
  • Replacing Your gas furnace with a new Heat Pump, gets up to $550.00

GreyStone Power

  • Gas to electric conversion rebates: Some residential members may be interested in converting gas water heaters and furnaces to electric due to rising costs of natural gas and propane. GreyStone has two rebates available for members who convert from gas to electric.
  • If the requirements are met the member becomes eligible for either a $400 or $200 rebate after converting a water heater from gas to electric.
  • By meeting the requirements, members become eligible for either a $600 (Energy Star Rated) or $300 (Non Energy Star Rated) rebate when changing from gas heat to an electric heat pump or dual fuel.

Gas Water Heater Replaced with Electric

  • Rebate of $400 for water heater with 12 year or better limited warranty
  • Rebate of $200 for water heater with less than 12 -year limited warranty
  • Rebate of $400 for Marathon or Heat Pump water heater

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